Our Team

Our Team

Amanda Harpin

Amanda is the founder of Holmfirth Yoga and Pilates and Holmfirth Reformer Pilates. As a former business manager and accountant, she has no fear attitude and
approach to keeping on moving forward and developing the village business into a super local health and wellness hub.

A fitness nut as a youngster and exercise crazy in her 20s and 30s, Amanda first decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer and make it her career at 40. She brings an
“anything is possible “attitude to the studio, her classes, her teaching, her encouragement and her belief in every one of her clients.

Amanda understands in detail the systems of the body, muscular movement and how the mind and body can work together and connect. She now is our Reformer
Pilates teacher,  mat Pilates instructor, yoga instructor, health coach and reiki master

Rachel Gosling

Rachel has found the most beautiful way to teach a therapeutic Yoga. She has vast experience and connects with her clients in a wonderful and wacky way. Always bringing warmth and fun to her classes.

Rachel can be described as a yoga teacher, lover of dance, movement and life. She has always been a “mover” but found her vocation as she explored ways to manage and recover from her own physical and mental dis-ease. This difficult and life-changing time was a turning point for Rachel where she reviewed her life’s purpose.

Determined to aid her own recovery and truly live her potential, she found that yoga was her sanctuary and eventually a place to discover amazing things about herself. From here the seed was sown. In sharing her enthusiasm for movement and flow, she discovered that others could also reap the benefits and loved her creative and therapeutic approach.

Continually growing and evolving, Rachel continues to develop and train with various teachers from across the world including Abby Hoffman, Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Angela Farmer, Judith Hanson Lasater, Sarah Swindlehurst, Liz Koch and many more.

Helen Flockton

Helen is your Pilates instructor who will look after you at the start of your Pilates journey. A level 3 instructor with a vast physiology and anatomy knowledge Helen teaches in detail, slowly, accurately and gently. She has a lovely soft approach to teaching and will be taking our Foundation classes and our Pilates Overs (60) classes for our older Pilates people.

Michelle Bland

Michelle has joined us to teach Yoga , she has always enjoyed sport and has played competitive hockey for many years. She regularly runs and has also taught exercise classes at all levels for many years.

She started her own yoga journey to explore more within her fitness and sport career, she was surprised at how her flexibility, mobility and core strength improved, and how the focus balanced the competitive side of her nature.

She also specialises in bespoke Exercise and Yoga for long term health conditions and disabilities. Her vision here is to promote the benefits of Yoga for maintaining independence and quality of life.

Michelle’s story started when she worked as a care assistant working with people who have dementia. She managed a centre and then worked with the local council exercise referral scheme “PALS” . There for 20 years Michelle has a vast specialist experience with the Cardiac and Pulmonary hospital rehabilitation, with people who have, Head Trauma, Strokes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Cancer, Anxiety, Low Mood /Depression and socially isolated.

Michelle will be your Yoga instructor for Yoga for Sport and Yoga for Men


Andrew Hodge

Andrew has joined us to teach fitness and Core Strength and Balance. His Fitness classes are body weight exercises and are based around your mat. To complement your Yoga and Pilates you could bring this low impact fitness class to your schedule. The Core Strength and Balance is a great back up exercise for everyone without injury.

He has been teaching all types of fitness including legs bums and tums, circuits and HIIT training for 10 years and has also been known to teach some Yoga and Pilates classes too. Andrew is really passionate about fitness and can help  start your journey and make it fun.

All you need for his classes are your body, some water, a towel and a mat.

The class will be accessible for all as most exercises can be progressed or regressed to make them more challenging or easier, whichever is your preference!

Initially we will be starting our classes on Friday at 10.45am and Thursday 9.30am and all would be welcome to give it a try


rosalind arden

Rosalind specialises in somatic approaches to meditation. With a background in frontline public services, her own physical and emotional health challenges forced a life review in her early thirties and a switch of career to psychotherapy, teaching and meditation. 

 With a love of dance, movement and meditation, Somatics brought body and mind together for her. As a life long learner with an abiding curiosity for the inner life, discovering Somatics and Somatic meditation gave her the route map to deeper learning and understanding how to increase her capacity to be with herself and others in a fast paced world. She continues to study with leading teachers, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Judith Blackstone, Ellen Emmet and others. 

 She holds a big space for all of life to be present, bringing an informal and down to earth approach to learning the skills to refresh your interior sanctuary and vitality. 


Liz is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling or psychotherapy Liz offers time to talk, confidentially, in a safe place where you will be listened to without being judged. You will find Liz welcoming and understanding with a genuine desire to help. She works on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to feel good about yourself and your life.

Before her life as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, she worked in a number of demanding roles within private sector organisations and charities. Liz has a particular interest in helping clients from across West Yorkshire who are experiencing difficulties with; work-place stress, achieving a work/life balance, changing career, redundancy or finding meaningful work.

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