Amanda is our Pilates instructor. She has the highest industry qualifications and many years of experience.

Our classes are at various levels. They are progressive and specific and will provide instruction to suit everyone. They will help you with improved posture, core strength, flexibility, balance and stability.

Please speak to us before booking so we can guide you to a class the best fits you. A class that you can enjoy and find some challenge.

Our classes are different every session, they include effective and challenging exercises that are delivered with clear and non-technical instruction. Our instructor Amanda is hands-on and will gently correct your technique in a reassuring way. Her approach is positive and uplifting and you will be encouraged to always work at their own level.

Saturday Pilates Starter

Our Saturday Pilates starter morning session run periodically. You can book on for a condensed hour and a half of instruction. It is a starter session for the complete novice and suitable for people without injury who want to understand the fundamentals of Pilates before joining a beginner class.

Joseph Pilates called his original exercise CONTROLOGY

Although quite amusing to see the way he manhandles his clients,  you can probably see how we have safely adapted and developed some of his exercises and ideas.

Pilates Exercises in Classical Order

Roll Up
Roll Over
One Leg Circle
Rolling Back (rolling like a ball)
One Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch
Rocker with Open Legs

One Leg Kick
Double Leg Kick
Neck Pull
Shoulder Bridge
Spine Twist
Jack Knife
Side Kick

Hip Twist
Leg Pull
Side Kick Kneeling
Side Bend
Control Balance
Push Up
Leg Pull – Front

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