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   we offer other classes too

At our Mat Studio on the first floor studio at 39 Huddersfield Road Holmfirth HD9 3JH.


Core strength and balance

A class to strengthen your core and to improve your balance. This class is mix of both standing and floor based exercises that are planned and prescribed to build strength to your abdominals and back and build the foundation for better balance. You may recognise some of the physical exercises from the yoga and Pilates classes within this great class.

fitness for life


somatic meditation

This class is open to everyone. Often our lives are moving so fast that we don’t fully digest our experience and it remains held in the bodily unconscious. 

 It is a process of nourishing and replenishing our connection with earth and sky and our core self. Often we can feel unplugged in our busyness. Meditation supports us to plug back into to the subtle circuitry of life. 

 Somatic mediation places the body at the centre of our experience, and in particular, the soma, the first person experience of the living body, the interior landscape of our thinking, feeling, sensing body. The soma often feels neglected, numbed off or pushed around. Somatic meditation brings us into a kind and gentle meeting with our bodily felt experience and invites us to digest our experience at our own pace. This gradually restores freedom and ease in our body mind and renews our connection to life. 

We will use lying down, sitting and standing postures to come into sensory awareness of our inward experience. 

Please bring a mat and blocks or cushion to sit on, yoga blanket as needed and your favourite journal/pen/pencil. 





Please just message us below and we will give you a call and explain a little more, answering any questions for you. Classes are delivered with clear and non-technical instruction. We prefer to be hands and will gently correct your technique in a reassuring way. Our approach is positive and uplifting and you will be encouraged to always work at their own level.

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