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 reformer pilates introduction

Saturday  10am to 11am

Oct 2nd 


This class is for anyone who has never experienced a Reformer Pilates. It will prepare you for a full class and help you and the instructor choose the best class for you Reformers are apparatus that assist and resist your movement with the use of springs and straps and a moving carriage. They are a fabulous piece of apparatus that take a Pilates workout to a specialist level. Any body can use a reformer they are not just for athletes. Ours are the latest A8 Align Pilates and has been described as the Rolls Royce of Reformers. They can fit any body size even very tall gents.

You will have time to understand how the apparatus works, feel a good selection of exercises and understand how your body responds. Ask any questions ,and hopefully enjoy an hour on a Saturday morning doing something different to enhance your well-being. At the end of the workshop you will be able to discuss the best class for you to attend.

6 spaces

Your instructor is Amanda Harpin




mat pilates introduction

coming soon

Saturday 9.30am to 11am


Begin your Pilates Journey with this concise workshop. These workshops will run every other week.

Learn the Pilates Principles, the foundations of Pilates and understand how you will build on the these fundamentals as you practice at your Foundation Pilates Class.

Understand how you will be able to move your body from its centre and build core strength, helping posture and your body stability.

You will practice the Pilates breath, flow of the body with the breath, the correct setup and control of exercises and how to centre every movement . Eventually bringing precision to your movements, as well as strength and stability to your body. 

This course prepares you for the varied Pilates Foundation or Body class

 10 spaces available your instructors are Amanda Harpin and Helen Flockton



gong bath

Friday 7 to 8pm


26th Nov


You’ll be vibrating on your own unique frequency; feeling rebalanced, centred and calm.

Your sound bath is played by Jean Habron, sound baths offer us a spa-like session and they can be just what you need to relax and restore. Sometimes in life, we feel anxiety or we feel stressed and we can find ourselves holding on to negative energy or feel heaviness in our heart. A sound  bath will give you the opportunity to let go of all of that and just return to a state of calm and well-being.

There is a lot of research that shows the physical and psychological benefits of sound therapy and these are just a few benefits of sound baths and sound therapy –

Calms your body and mind, reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus and clarity, decreases tension and fatigue, boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anger, improves sleep and elevates feelings of well-being

This is an opportunity to relax and heal your inner self. You’re likely to feel calm, centred and balanced. You’re also likely to feel uplifted and inspired as you connect with your own positive energy.






Yin Yoga – A Journey of Self Discovery

Oct 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

7.45pm to 9pm

£ 50

Welcome to this space and time for you. On this 4-week course, you will indulge in yourself; exploring slow movement, breath and meditation to move you into a calmer, quieter space. Yin Yoga is a slow, stretchy style of yoga where you will pause in positions for longer. Holding longer means that you can feel into and experience the body, mind and emotions. Yin yoga is also a more calming form of yoga which works on the connective tissue of the body (fascia) and energy channels (meridians)

This course is a fabulous balance to high intensity exercise, a busy lifestyle or just a lifetime of built up stress and tension.

Each week you will be guided through a tailored sequence with a specific focus. There will be opportunity to explore deeply, process, and share as the group moves through the course together. You will be expertly guided throughout, using a gentle approach, breath and meditation techniques.

During this 4-week course, you will explore:

Yin Yoga poses
Meridians (lines of energy in Chinese medicine) that relate to organs of the body
Connection to chakras (wheels on energy in Indian philosophy)
Fascia (the connective web of tissue around the body)
Emotions held within the body
Techniques to calm the nervous system
Breathing techniques (pranayama)

This course is suitable for absolutely everyone, even if you have never done yoga before. It is ideal if you want to slow down, connect inward, or even just have a really good, yet relaxing stretch.

This fabulous course is facilitated by Rachel Gosling, who specialises in therapeutic styles of yoga and their healing effects. You can also meet Rachel in regular weekly classes or connect with her via a one to one if you would love some special attention. Feel free to reach out if you have any

Well Women Yoga

Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

5pm to 6.30pm

£ 60

Well-Woman Yoga
Welcome to this this radical, empowering and enriching course that explores yoga and its therapeutic benefits for women’s health and wellbeing. Well-Woman Yoga not only respects women’s changing physical, emotional and mental needs through all stages of life, but it actively celebrates them.

During this four-week course, you will explore:

• The needs of women in yoga, according to their anatomy and physiology
• How yoga can support menstrual health, fertility, and menopause
• The impact of patriarchy on the practice of yoga
• Practices that actively enhance a woman’s connection to inner power
• Practices that celebrate the divine feminine
The course encourages sharing and discussion. As we come together as a group of women, we are united in many of our experiences, understanding and deep inner wisdom of what is right for us.

The main focus will be an experiential journey, using yogic movement, meditation, breath, sound and deep rest. The practices that will be shared are beautifully crafted for women: respecting women’s bodies, encouraging deep inner listening, allowing women to feel nourished and nurtured, and giving each woman access to that which she already knows.

You don’t need to know anything. You don’t need to practice yoga already. It doesn’t matter if you have specific health needs. ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME!

This fabulous course is facilitated by Rachel Gosling, who has been working specifically with women in yoga for many years (in Leeds) and is delighted to bring the joys of Well-Woman Yoga to Holmfirth.

“I’m sure I’ve told you years ago in person but your womanhood course had such a huge impact on me, I’ve never forgotten it and it’s helped me so much ever since!!” – Rebecca (student from Leeds)

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