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Suitable for everyone who is injury free please.
A class to strengthen your core and to improve your balance. This class is mix of both standing and floor based exercises that are planned and prescribed to build strength to your abdominals and the back and build the foundation for better balance. You may recognise some of the physical exercises from the yoga and Pilates classes within this great class. Your class instructor is Andrew Hodge


Andrew runs our Fitness for life suitable for anyone injury free.
A low impact fitness class that lifts you up and releases endorphins. You may get sweaty and hot and get the heart rate up, but Andrew won’t break you .
A mix of Legs Bums and Tums, and a fix of functional movement. For people who want a safe and happy space to go old school and just workout. get hot sweaty and fit.


Please just message us below and we will give you a call and explain a little more, answering any questions for you. Classes are delivered with clear and non-technical instruction. We prefer to be hands and will gently correct your technique in a reassuring way. Our approach is positive and uplifting and you will be encouraged to always work at their own level.

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