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We train bodies that are vulnerable 

exceptional and everyone

in between

Welcome to Holmfirth Yoga and Pilates. We have two studios in Holmfirth.

All our mat classes both Pilates and Yoga are held at our Mat Studio in the heart of the village.

Our Reformer Pilates Studio, where we hold our Reformer Apparatus Classes is at Bridge Mills just at the edge of the village.

We offer you a physical and mental retreat, a space for release of tension, to rest, recover and recharge. Also time to become stronger, calmer, more flexible and focused.  To make friends and laugh.

Our foundation and belief are that everybody is somebody, we encourage body positivity and aim to bring you the tools to enhance your well-being, challenge your body and change your health for the better as you grow.

The network here is supportive, welcoming and really can make a difference to your health. You will see changes in yourself week after week and notice growth and achievements as you practice and exercise.

Our spaces offers the perfect antidote to modern day life, allowing you to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Feel empowered, alive, confident, slow the mind down and let us give you time back and permission to let go and relax.

Holmfirth Yoga and Pilates a fun place to be, come and make friends, be part of the community, laugh with us and leave feeling happier, confident and energized.

Calm the mind, challenge the body and invigorate the soul

Our Mat Studio is a first floor studio space at 39 Huddersfield Road, just to the left of the Library.

Our Reformer Pilates Studio is at Bridge Mills, opposite Lidl on Huddersfield Road in the Old Time Office. There is free parking at the rear.

We help people feel freedom in their bodies. We train bodies that are vulnerable, those that are exceptional and everyone in between. We teach people to endure and always reach for more. All body types can learn Pilates and Yoga, we can celebrate our differences. Because of Pilates and Yoga, we learn that sometimes we must slow down in order to move forward. We know that change happens through small acts over time. And that improving one’s wellbeing can positively impact on everything around them.


“I started Pilates over a year ago to try and keep my body moving and strong, as a runner I felt I needed to strengthen other parts as well as my legs and I have found Pilates a welcome low impact and relaxing class.

Amanda’s classes are great, as she tailors to all abilities for each exercise, so if you struggle with tight hamstrings or back issues etc she will help you work to your own body’s level. We always have a giggle too!”


“Pilates with Amanda is always fun. She works us hard but still with care and consideration. Amanda makes sure all levels are catered for and encourages us all the time. Love it!”


“I really enjoy going to Pilates, we have a bit of fun but it is hard work. I had a bad shoulder before I started. It kept me awake at night, but now don’t think about it as it is so much better, all thanks to Pilates.”


“For several years, I have had two weekly training sessions with Amanda. Every time she creates an interesting and varied workout which is designed specifically for me and what I am able to achieve.

We include high intensity training, pilates, kettlebell work and yoga. Despite my variable diary, she is always prompt and ready to go. I remain very pleased with my training and wholly recommend Amanda”


“I started Pilates with Amanda as a complete beginner about 8 months ago and I can’t believe how much better I feel. Because the groups are small you really do get a personal service. She’s a great teacher and tailors the class to suit each of us. Excellent for stress … and fun too. I’m even considering a second class per week now!”


“As a complete beginner, I’ve learnt a lot from my Pilates lessons with Amanda. She is an excellent teacher who explains everything very clearly and manages to adapt the positions for those who are more experienced, for the beginners and for those who find certain positions difficult. She also has a good sense of humour to make the lessons enjoyable. I feel I have gained a lot from her expertise”


“Amanda expertly guides you through a Pilates session making it an enjoyable experience for whatever level, whether a complete beginner or more practised. It’s always a fun relaxed atmosphere where you can quickly make great improvements to your core strength. Try it and see for yourself!”


“I’ve been going to Pilate’s with Amanda for 8 months and have found her to be very knowledgeable and a great teacher. She has built me up steadily and now I feel much stronger, my posture is better and my back pain has gone. I would recommend her to anyone”


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